How can I contact LAG?

The first step is to book an appointment in order to express your own personal request within a consultation interview (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

- What does evaluation mean?
LAG offers psychological assessment within its competence fields.

- Is LAG only addressed to parents?
No, it is addressed to families, professionals and social workers.

- If I am looking for a consultation about a problem with my son, can I ask LAG?
Yes, you can require an assessment and information for a possible intervention program.

- If I discover or believe that my son has a problem, can I ask LAG?
Yes, you can require an assessment and information for a possible intervention program.

- If I am looking for consultation around an issue with my partner, can I ask LAG?

- If I have a problem around minors’ foster care, can I ask LAG?

- If I need a psychological assessment for Court, can I ask LAG?
Yes, within LAG’s competence fields. LAG uses certified evidence based procedures, offering high reliability services for diagnosis and prognosis.

- Does LAG offer psychological interventions or evaluation only?
 LAG offers both evaluation and intervention.

- Does LAG offer instrumental diagnostic exam procedures?

- Does LAG provide neurological or neuropsychiatric diagnosis?

- Does LAG work in financial agreement with ASST?
- No, LAG works within University of Pavia’s Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences. Services are provided under fee-payment. LINK: prestazioni/ tariffario

- I am a student, what can LAG offer to me?
LAG provides students with online trainings, with trainings in the laboratory, with projects for Master’s Degree Thesis, with updated and interesting links, such as scientific and informative paper, that can be consulted anytime.

- Does LAG also research?
Yes, LAG has many research projects; it collaborates with national and international Academic and Research institution to exchange good practice and projects on shared scientific interests. Moreover, it promotes research projects and scientific publications, within the framework of emotion and attachment study.

- What are the online courses?
Online trainings are courses that can be attended remotely using LAG’s IT platform.The trainings are focused on LAG’s interest areas. LAG provides students with this service flexibly as each course has one month time-range period.