- Psychological counselling

- Consultation Sessions

- Research and psychological counselling to reduce psychological distress and to promote psychological wellbeing.

- Social and emotional evaluation profile and evaluation of parental competence/attitudes.

- Evaluation of children’ social, emotional, cognitive and attachment profile.

- Support to parents with certified effectiveness interventions:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy-DBT, learning groups for families
Dialectical Behavior Therapy-DBT for adolescents and family (Dialectical Behavior Therapy-DBT is an evidence based intervention program created by Marsha Linehan in the USA during the 1990s. Today it is one of the most accredited interventions in the world addressed to adolescents with emotional dysregulation, impulsive and self-others harming behaviors)
Group intervention CONNECT addressed to parents  of youths, adolescents and pre-adolescents (aging between 12-20)
Video-feedback intervention to promote positive parenting-VIPP-SD addressed to families with children aging between 18 months and 6 years.

List of certified progessionalsfrom LAG and entitled to provide the intervention VIPP-SD
As regards certified trainings and professionals abroad, please visit VIPP Training and Research Centre site:

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