VIPP-SD by F. Juffer, M. Bakermans-Kranenburg e M. van IJzendoorn (NL).

Video-feedback Intervention to Promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD) is a short evidence based-intervention to support parenthood. It is inspired by attachment theory and it is structured in 7 home visits, aimed to increase and support parents’ communication and educational skills towards their children. The intervention wants to promote parental sensitivity and to develop effective emotions’ communication between parents and children. It is aimed to increase maternal sensitivity and the capacity to use sensitive and effective disciplinary strategies in order to prevent behavioral problems. The intervention is addressed to families with children aging between 18 months and 6 years. VIPP-SD effectiveness has been demonstrated in many controlled studies and on different clinical and non-clinical populations (adoptive families, normative families, foster families, families of children with eating disorders, autism, disability, with families of abused children and with low socio-economic status).
Scientific Supervisor: Prof.ssa Lavinia Barone, Director of LAG Laboratory.
Certified trainer: Prof.ssa Lavinia Barone (co-trainer in formation), Dott.ssa Francesca Lionetti, certified at the Centre for Family Studies, University of Leiden University. 
Certified supervisors:Prof.ssa Lavinia Barone, Dott.ssa Francesca Lionetti

DATE: 20-23 December 2017.

Place: Università degli studi di Pavia.

FEE: 1000 € (700 € Master students, Ph.D).

INFORMATION AND APPLICATION FORMATS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., application closed as maximum number of participants has been reached for this edition.  

Maximum participants’ number: 20

The training teaches – using lessons, group exercitations, examples by video-recordings, individual supervisions – how to program and set up VIPP-SD interventions in different research, prevention and clinical contexts.

Psychologists/ Master Degree in Psychology, educators, social workers, child neuropsychiatrists and psychiatrists.

The course provide participants with a certificate on method, internationally acknowledged.
At the end of 3 individual supervisions, participants will have the title of enabled for the intervention – Intervener – and of high reliability method adhesion, in order to operate in clinical and research contexts.

Fin all the professionals certified with LAG.
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