Research project.


pro1   pro1it   Evaluation of parental stress in chronic pain conditions of the child ( recurrent headache )
pro2   pro1it   Social-emotional development and well-being in children institutionalized and post - institutionalized
pro1   pro1it   Interventions in support of positive parenting in the context of the adoption of maltreatment and child protection
pro1   pro1it   Being of mothers during pregnancy and risk assessment postpartum ( depression and work stress )
pro1   pro1it   Primary prevention of developmental disorders of the externalizing nature or aggressive preschool
pro1   pro1it   Filicide and risk parenting
pro2   pro1it   Rating neurobiological correlates of emotional regulation and different susceptibility to the environment
pro1   pro1it   Domestic violence and protection of mothers at risk
pro1   pro9t   Essere genitori oggi: il ruolo dei legami di attaccamento e della sintonizzazione emotiva.