CONNECT PARENT GROUP, by Marlene Moretti, Director of the The Adolescent Health Lab

CONNECT Parent Group is an evidence-based intervention aimed to support parenthood, created within the theoretical framework of attachment theory. The intervention is addressed to families with adolescent children with behavioral problems. According to our research perspective, showing supporting parents as a protective factor for youths’ development, the program’s aim is to increase parental sensitivity, tuning, empathy and effective emotion regulation in the dyad. It also aims to promote adolesents’ social, emotional and behavioural adaptation. Connect is a program of 10 weeks to support parents and sanitary workers to relate to pre-adolescents and adolescents with behavioral and emotional problems. Parents will meet weekly, for a 90 minutes session, in small groups led by certified professionals. Every session will provide parents with a new perspective on parents-adolescents relationship and on adolescent’s development.
The effectiveness of this intervention has been demonstrated in many controlled studies and on different clinical and non-clinical populations (adoptive families, normative families, foster families, aborigine families, and on parents and tutors of young transgenders).

Connect’s benefits for parents are the following:
- increased sense of competence;
- increased sense of efficacy;
- reduction of stress.
Connect’s benefits for adolescents are the following:
- decreased internalizing problems (anxiety, depression)
- decreased externalizing problems (behavioral problems, aggressiveness)

Date: to be defined 

This training teaches how to set up CONNECT intervention in various research and clinical contexts by the use of frontal lessons, group simulations, video-recordings and individual supervisions.

Psychologists/Master Degree in Psychology, social workers, educators, psychiatrists and child neuropsychiatrists.

The course provides participants with a frequency certificate, but this does not enable to carry out the intervention. After 10 individual supervisions participants will have the intervention certificate, becoming Leader. The certificate will demonstrate the adhesion to a high reliability methodology to operate in research and clinical contexts.

Elenco centri e professionisti certificati

- Pavia, prof.ssa Lavinia Barone, dott.ssa Elisa Cirioni

- Milano, Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, NPI, dott.ssa Sara Merelli, dott.ssa Jennifer Genschow

- Pisa, IRCCS Fondazione Stella Maris servizio Al di là delle nuvole, dott.ssa Lisa Polidori, dott.ssa Laura Ruglioni