Teacher: Dott.ssa Francesca Lionetti, certified Trainer for VIPP-SD at Leiden University, Olanda.

Research shows how supporting parenting since children’s pre-school age helps to long-term prevent behavioral and socio-emotive problems in minors. The present module introduce the principal – internationally acknowledged - techniques to support parenting.

The training day is addressed to students, professionals, social worker, operating with family service, minors’ legal protection, family mediation, adoption. It will focus on video – feedback VIPP-SD.        
VIPP-SD guidelines will be presented.
This method comprehends video-recording parent-child interactions to subsequently watch these moments with the parents, in order to promote positive parenting. Positive parenting means the skill to read correctly children’s signal, managing effectively disciplinary moments.


FEE: 100 € (students 70 €)

BOOKING AND PAYMENT: download and fill the attached document MODULO and send it with payment receipt to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Lab will send to the student the information to access online platform.

Online access duration: one month from the activation